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Yes, the response I got from the customer service is the fastest and the most friendly. They will find the doll I need based on the only description I have. I have to love to say that the quality of their service in this area is really good. When it comes to the doll I got from this seller, she’s pretty lovely. This doll is perfect for art lovers and those nostalgic for the dolls of their youth.

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Yes, there is something you can really appreciate from this site: their dolls in real look exactly the same as the ones in their promotion material. You will have no bad surprises. You can enjoy this doll plenty. The skin is amazing. It has no smell, it is soft, it is resistant and the doll always arrives at your home without any scratches no serious damages. Their TPE is simply one of the best if not the best on the market.

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Yes, it is a legit vendor. Beautiful sex doll in a pretty plain and firm box! This sex doll’s box was in perfect shape and without a scratch or dent. Nothing on the box refers it’s a sex doll. I love this! They did a great job at privacy protection and helped me avoid some awkward situations. The doll also was in perfect condition. In all, she looks very lifelike and is an attractive and original. I am happy with this purchase. Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, real review from real buyer: it’s legit and safe. I had the doll for about a month now. I just want to share my happy life with being surprised! From her head to legs, this sex doll is absolutely beautiful. This is a work of art. She is so soft and smooth and incredible. She is not cheap, but not expensive. This is a great investment, but it is worth it! Fast delivery. Great shopping experience, the seller will communicate with you carefully before purchasing, this kind of meticulous and considerate service is exactly what I want.