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Is recommended?

Yes, I would highly recommend this site! The doll arrived in fantastic condition. I’ve had her for seven months now and she is just as soft as she was the day I got her (with proper care and maintenance of course). Despite my best efforts I have dropped and/or hit her pretty hard, but she is still in great shape, the dolls are a lot more durable than they look. Overall, I know that I am going to stick with them from now on.

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Real Customer Review –

Yes, I am very happy with the doll and they gave me a very good price so I’m gonna give it 5 stars. Thanks. I paid for the doll on 6/15 and received it on 7/8,it came a little earlier than expected. She is so real like; the molding is so real. She is beautiful. They done a great job, way worth the time and money. Excellent service! I got e-mails and updates through the entire service, and they were very helpful with any questions I had. Would recommend. Is It Worth the Investment?

Yes, the best purchase. Great doll and great customer service. What can I complain about? Nothing. Quality was great, speed of response and delivery were great, service was great, helpful and prompt. They keep you well informed and are knowledgeable. Everything went as they said and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I purchased another two dolls from them and will go there for all future needs. I don’t hesitate to recommend this site to a potential buyer.