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Yes, very pleased with the service provided by the guys at this site. Everything was as expected on delivery. The doll is great. I think that she is just perfect, and beautifully put together. TPE is softer than I thought, but with the right care she will last well. A good test of the dolls quality and feel with a view to purchasing a larger model in the future. Highly recommend the site and the dolls. Would happily buy again.

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Yes, I would recommend all adults, who is in the market for the sex doll products to purchase from this site. First doll and I love it, I will say as an ass man I was hoping for a little bit bigger booty, but that is of no fault to the maker. Good quality and no problems. They produce very life like products. Shipment and delivery are discrete and expedient. If I want another doll I’ll stick with this site. well done team!

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Yes, Amazing Customer Service and Dolls! Every time I’ve had to reach out to the site, they have always been extremely nice and helpful, and are always quick to reply. They genuinely seem to care about your experience and want to make sure that everything is right. They were great through the whole shipping process, as well as answering all my questions the months following. I’ve asked them about repairs, or about purchasing things outside their accessories, and they always do what they can to help.