How’s your experience with

Yes, I am a first-time buyer of a sex doll and I am really impressed by the coordination of their support from the first day to the last day when the doll has arrived at my doorstep. They have also sent me pictures of the doll before shipment and I requested them to change the color of the eyes to green as I have ordered brown in my real order. I really appreciate that they change the color of eyes according to my request without any extra charges.

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How’s your experience with

Yes, I happy very with the purchase of this doll. What was most impressed with was the way the doll was packaged to make it well protected while it was in transit. The doll is very realistic. You can make her stand (as long as she’s holding on to something), sit, or lay down no problem. She arrived with two different wigs and an outfit. I love her very much, I will get new one for my friend soon.

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