GorgeousSexDoll: Site Review

Yes, this site is 10/10. Fast shipping (3 days in advance), item in perfect condition! As advertised! As my first doll purchase, I made the right choice. Great look and feel (after some baby powder). I was nervous because a lot of places said to avoid scam in this industry, but this seller is great. The body looks the same as the picture. The limbs are a little stiff, but it does a good job and I’m sure they’ll loosen up a bit. It feels amazing.

MilfSexDoll: Site Review

Yes, it’s my favorite. As you can see, the doll looks exactly the same as the one in the pictures. This is also something to appreciate from this site: you are never disappointed because their promotion material is not overly tricked. There is no big makeup not lighting trick nor photoshop work. The doll itself is absolutely amazing. She looks much taller because she is so slim. She has beautiful long legs, a thin waist, and perfect perky boobs. Her ass is to die for!

Is Bestlovesexdoll.com Safe ?

Yes, I recommend them as a safe and good website for buying dolls. They will answer questions, answer questions honestly, and will not try to sell you something to make as much profit as possible. For example, when I asked the differences of some functions, they explained the difference in detail. There is no mandatory marketing or any aggressive strategy. (If there is, it’s more like providing information.) I have to say that the dolls I bought from them are all grea

Realsexlovedoll.com review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, you can trust this vendor. Oh, wow. Beautiful doll. I love her. Best birthday gift I’ve ever received. I’m completely obsessed by her beauty and realism! If you are a lover of this sex doll this is a must-have. I was so excited to get her for my birthday! They have very helpful staff, promptly responding to queries and ensuring that every detail meets the requirements. Their prices are very competitive and they provide regular updates throughout the ordering process.

Is this cherrypiesexdoll.com sex doll vendor legit?

Yes, they are legitimate. I was not too sure if I should buy her at first, but how could I resist this set of tits and this beautiful face? This is one of my favorites. I placed an order on the doll and she did not disappoint me. The doll’s head looks extremely young and cute, and she has big boobs and some nice curvy hips. Her private parts are very well detailed and they look realistic. I chose to have her labia pink, and they made it. A+++ seller!!