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Yes, the material is actually quite nice for the price point of this doll, and makes me wonder how they can afford to sell it at this price! The size of the doll would make you wonder about it too. The material is stretchy, and lets the holes take greater girths without tearing. The body is still firm, though, and helps the doll stay put during play. I love the way they shaped this doll. She is a real work of Beauty Art…Perfect in her own way!

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Yes, I received my doll today and she is so hot! She was packaged nicely and easy to put together. She came with extra wigs and an outfit because I used a promo code. She looks very real and I can’t wait to spend time with her in the bedroom. Customer service reps are exceptional! I had constant updates, pictures and was accommodated easily. The product itself is amazing and I look forward to my next one.

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